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welcome to the website of Neil Barstow, colour management and imaging specialist


Hi, I'm Neil Barstow. 25 years in advertising photography led to a career as a colour management specialist. Since 2002 I've been sharing information about colour management and ICC profiling and providing related services and sales. It's a process I began to learn about whilst solving my own print problems in collaboration with Pixl in Denmark, eventually covering the whole colour management area. Over the years I've worked with a wide range of those involved in digital imaging; from students, beginners and retired hobbyists to professional photographers, offset printers, artists, designers and big companies like Christie's the Art auctioneers where I worked with them on an end to end process, scan and capture via retouch and proof to offset print, more here
I aim to free up those I work with from the drudgery and stress of dealing with visual inconsistency in the imaging chain which can affect digital capture, display screens & printers as well as disappointing clients. Inconsistency can even get in the way of signing off on completed commissions. Continuity of appearance across various devices and media is the goal of good colour management.

"But, to me, an Apple or Dell screen etc. screen looks great and my clients aren't complaining. Why do I need to know about colour management?"
The answer is straightforward: you need to take charge because good colour management policies will improve the quality of your work and give you an advantage over competitors who maybe don’t know any better, or don’t care.

I'd like to work with you to help you to solve your colour management problems and, ideally, to help you learn how to think this through; so you can help yourself when issues pop up. Maybe it's a little advice, perhaps workflow optimisation, screen calibration, printer profiling or installation of a proofing system. I am ready to come out to work on your system, or to support you remotely by phone, email or remote access. We can have a free introductory chat or we can meet for a survey/assessment or set-up session.

You might like to start with the intro page. Pismo Beach CA dunes by neil barstow

There's lots of information here, basic to in-depth, which will, I hope, help you to either begin to grasp the "idea" of colour management or to learn a little more. 

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