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Feedback on our consulting services

London Photographer Dylan Collard got me in to sort out his colourmanagement for portfolio prints on Hahnemuehle Fine Art Pearl, he writes:

I have to say your profiles rock!  I'm back from shooting and started doing tests for my new portfolio and its so easy to print as everything looks exactly like it does on screen!  Seriously impressed and loving it!"

Here's Dylan's website:


Andy Cahill, photographer.

I was an early adopter of digital imaging and I was recommended to contact Neil for some on-site colour management training.

I have alway been a sceptic of training as I feel that reading and research can do the same job.. this was certainly not the case working with Neil, the one to one sessions we had were invaluable. It has given me complete confidence over the past 10 years working digitally as a photographer, I have been able to pass on some nuggets of information to clients that I'm working with and although I know they will not invest as I have in a fully colour managed workflow more importantly they trust me and the work I produce.

I have always charged a premium for the work that I produce and clients want to feel completely confident with the finished images, right now in a recession its vital to offer something extra to other photographers and being able to both talk confidently about a colour managed workflow and better still show clients how good images look on calibrated monitors is a real advantage over other photographers who just get by..

The buzz is hearing the owner of a local design studio telling his team that they need to improve their workflow and inviting his staff to view my set-up, I only hope they follow this through and invest in a professional workflow, in the end it really does pay dividends.

Andy Cahill , Photoworks, owner

Andy's Photoworks web–site

welcome to the web site of Neil Barstow, colour management and imaging specialist.

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We bring a high level of service and understanding to many areas of colourmanagement in digital imaging. Installation services cover areas as simple and vital as Display Calibration and Profiling or desktop printer profiling. Many clients apppreciate our solid advice on and supply of related equipment and software. If your business is Repro. Design or Fine Art Printing we can help with RIP installation and RIP setup. One speciality is Proofer setup for proofing to ISO standards and ISO Proof Certification. We also work with you on Printing Press setup and ISO 12647 press standardisation. We also specialise in training

If you'd like to be able to see on screen what you will see in final print or reproduction, we are here to help.

what is colour management?
profile page icon do you need colour management? if you deal with the assessment or editing of images on a computer screen, you certainly do. Have a look at "CM - Why? and Why me?" here
ideally, set up right, colourmanagement should be an invisible helper. Like the computerised engine system of a modern car, if you're aware it's there and that it's important enough to keep well maintained, that's enough. In imaging, some basic understanding of colourmanagement, as it applies to daily work, is important, but you don't need to swallow the entire pill, it's too big to swallow whole anyway.

testimage in digital imaging, the preservation of original colour, tone and detail right through to the end result is the real aim. as imaging evolves and printing improves, the quality of archives will be increasingly important. that's our business, quality. unfortunately, working hard to earn a living and, at the same time, using internet forums and websites in an attempt to come to terms with the concepts of colour management and the way it protects image quality is a confusing experience for many users.

hassel pic Neil Barstow's 25 years experience in high end advertising photography means that we can help our clients come to terms with the technology and, thus, capitalise on the real advantages of the digital workflow - and fast. just a fix for an epson printer which gives unpredictable results? - a simple look over your set-up? - full implementation? - we are here to help. don't be put off by the apparent complexity, it's actually pretty simple once understood in your own work environment. Check out some client comments here.

i hope you enjoy your visit and find the information you need. feedback is useful to us and very welcome, there is a form for your use within the Contact Us section.

GettingColorRightCover.jpg Reading recommendation - Click here for info. about "Getting Colour Right", an easy to read book on colour correction, including the basics of good colour management practice. I acted as technical editor on this book, working very closely with the author Michael Walker on the Colour Management and Colour Correction sections. The book sets out the ground rules in clear English and includes many work-throughs. At well under 20 pounds, I hope it's considered a bargain and worth reading by anyone interested in getting a thorough grounding, or, for the more experienced, providing a few reminders of theory and the rules of the road."

if you missed the UK Seminars we did with Steve Upton of Chromix or with Thomas Holm of Pixl Aps, you may like to click to register interest in future events - we'll keep you posted.